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We ran a targeted campaign on social media and job boards using CAS Behavioural Health's Nursing Employee Value Proposition & audience motivations. This was to tackle the shortfall of nurses in CAS hospitals and to show the recruitment team that there are nurses out there however they need to know how to target them appropriately.

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  • 665 CV's received
  • 34 Hires made
  • £136,000 Saved

Targeted Campaign

We used over 100 targeting configurations in order to set-up this campaign with the relevant targeting criteria, ensuring that CAS were only serving adverts to the best possible audience.


We created a range of engaging, social media friendly images that encapsulated the CAS employer brand.


We created a number of recruitment videos of the employees at CAS Behavioural Health, to show that CAS is a great place to work and that current employees agree with this. The video was – and still is – used on a number of platforms to help CAS recruit Nurses.