Google for Jobs is here!

We’ve been eagerly waiting for the launch of Google for jobs for some time now here at The Message Partnership, and today, it’s launched without disappointment. This new technology allows users to find job listings easily and drive traffic directly to a companies ATS (let the influx of applications begin!).

If you happen to be searching for a new job from today onwards you will be able to see the new feature appear at the top of your search results, underneath the paid Ads. The purpose is to provide job seekers with an easy way to browse jobs from nearly all major job boards without the need to crawl through multiple websites. Even better, once users find a query and filters that meet their criteria they are able to turn on alerts that notify them of new jobs that suit.

For companies, it’s time to get ahead of the game, as it’s Google, the only way to appear in the top 3 results is to optimise your listings for search engines, that’s right, there’s still no getting away from SEO. Whilst Google has no plans to compete with major job boards, you still have to play by the rules, if your job postings aren’t rich with keywords, mobile friendly or engaging, it’s highly unlikely you’ll appear.

We’re certainly excited to continue to develop new innovative ways to ensure that our clients are fully optimised for collaborating with Google for jobs.